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Your benefits summarized

  • We are a "proshop" selected by the companies Buffet Crampon and Rigoutat - warranty for high quality by excellent oboe manufacturers
  • We maintain close collaboration with the company Lorée and Bulgheroni - warranty for best quality and top instruments
  • You will obtain two year manufacturer warranty* on mechanics and wood
  • Interesting discounts for all new instruments

We offer the following special services:

  • New instruments will be tested by us with respect to intonation, sound quality and mechanical fluency and improved, adapted and fine-tuned, if necessary
  • Additional inspection, fine-tuning and improvement of intonation at no charge for the duration of the manufacturer's warranty
  • Samll repairs may be performed shortly according to prior agreement

Please contact us, we are at your disposal for questions and special requests anytime.

* Not included in the manufacturer's warranty are damages caused by personal negligencei, i.e., damages which can be traced back to improper handling of the instrument

Look forward to oboes of highest quality that is reflected in intonation quality, flexibility, compactness and projection. Buffet Crampon is in ongoing contact with international soloists and thus optimizes the ergodynamics and acoustics of the instruments.

The semi-automatic oboes distinguish themselves by their open and nevertheless firm character, thus they are suitable for any category of artists. A further embossing attribute of the Buffet Crampon oboes is the fluent, dynamic easiness as well as their comfort.

A new fine and warm range in all pitches, a harmonic sound spectrum, easy responsiveness and spatial presence in the low range - this is Buffet Crampon.


Buffet Crampon Instruments / Price list 2021

All prices incl. 19% VAT

All prices incl. case/case with cover.

We will make you an attractive offer, please contact us.

semi-automatic instruments EUR
recommended retail price
Oboe Model Prodige simplified "Conservatoire System" 2.550,00
Oboe Model Prodige "Conservatoire System" 3.689,00
Oboe Model Prestige 9.154,00
Oboe Model Prestige, Greenline 9.154,00
Oboe Model Orfeo 9.154,00
Oboe Model Orfeo, Greenline 9.154,00
Oboe Model Légende, Greenline-application, rose-gilded balls, rings and staples 9.758,00
Oboe Model Virtuose, Greenling-application, downsized and patented top piece, C-nature flap, 2 cups 10.521,00
Thumb plaque for professional oboes 488,00
Cor anglais 10.563,00


All other models and options on request!

The Rigoutat/RIEC company stands for instruments of best quality. The oboes as well as the oboes d'amore and cors anglais are built with greatest care.

"The oboe model "J" by Rigoutat offers a very homogeneous sound over all registers, unsurpassed projection, high flexibility and easy response.“

This instrument we recommend warmly to you, testing it will pay off.


Rigoutat Instruments / Price list 2021

All prices incl. 19% VAT

Instruments EUR
recommended retail price
Oboe Model „J“ 9.154,00
Oboe Model Classique / Expression / Symphonie, semi-automatic 8.891,00
Riec, semi-professional student oboe, semi-automatic, 3rd pitch class, with case 4.927,00
Oboe, Delphine, student oboe incl. case, semi-automatic, 3rd pitch class, with case 3.223,00
Cor anglais, semi-automatic 10.774,00
Cor anglais Riec, semi-automatic, with case 7.523,00
Oboe d'amore, semi-automatic 10.774,00
Gold-plated mechanism for all models n request
Upper part made of composite with mechanic 4.248,00

Cases with accessories for oboes and cor anglais

Case EUR
Case Bonna compact for Oboe 244,00
Case Bonna for cor anglais or Oboe d'amore 369,00
Protec Light case for Oboe 173,00
Hightech silver carbone without handle for Oboe 308,00
Hightech silver carbone without handle for 2 upper joints 308,00
Double light and compact for oboe and cor anglais 358,00
Case cover for Hightech oboe simple case, nylon lined, multi-pockets 108,00
Case cover for Hightech double case, nylon lined, multi-pockets 313,00


All other models (Bois de violette / System Roland) and cases on request!

All instruments of the company Lorée/Cabart are masterly built in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

"Try the Oboe "Etoile" - thanks to a new bore hole, this new model is easier to play with respect to responsiveness. You will be amazed, this instrument combines flexibility of tone with a dreamlike sound and ease at the highest level."


LORÉE Instruments / Price List 2021

All prices include 19% VAT

Instruments EUR
recommended retail price
Oboe Lorée model "Etoile" semi-automatic 9.327,00
Oboe Lorée model "Royal" semi-automatic 9.064,00
Oboe Cabart 4.750,00
Oboe Cabart „petites mains" 3.300,00
Cor anglais Lorée, semi-automatic 10.079,00
Cor anglais Lorée "Royal" 10.871,00
Cor anglais Cabart, semi-automatic 6.873,00
Oboe d’amore Lorée, semi-automatic 10.079,00
Double case for oboe and cor anglais 850,00
Double case for 2 oboes 850,00
Case Cover for double cases 184,00
Gold-plated mechanism for all models on request


All prices incl. case with cover

All other models on request!

The Italian company "Fratelli Bulgheroni" stands for precise and absolutely reliable handcraft. We distribute their student models because we are absolutely convinced that the price/performance ratio is one of the best.

"The professional mechanical execution and the quality of these instruments are ideal for the younger generation to enjoy the instrument for a long time. The easy responsiveness, the beautiful tone, the brilliance and flexibility of these instruments are still unparalleled in the market".

Bring your teacher to our studio - look and see.


F.lli Bulgheroni Instruments / Price list 2021

All prices include 19% VAT

Semi-automatic instruments EUR
recommended retail price
Oboe Model FB 091/3 3.320,00
Oboe Model FB101/3 Conservatory Oboe, semi-professional 4.483,00
Oboe Model FB 105/3 Conservatory Oboe, with professional mechanics 5.695,00
Professional Oboe
Model MB 20/3 OPERA
Professional Oboe
Model MB 30/3 SETA
Professional Oboe
Model MB 40/3 MUSA
Professional Cor anglais
Model MBH 20/3
Professional Cor anglais
Model MBH 40/3 MUSA
Professional Oboe d'amore
Model MBH 20/3
Professional Oboe d'amore
Model MBH 40/3 MUSA


All prices are inclusive case / case with cover.

All other models, even professional instruments, on request!

Do you have questions about our instruments? We will be happy to advise you.

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