Staples for oboe 47-2+ nickel silver

 Art. Nr.: AC151A-472+

Product attributes

material: nickel-silver
value: 47-2+a
suitable for: oboe

Delivery expected by 16.07.2024

3,47 €
VAT incl.
Nickel silver staple with cork for oboe reeds - standard of CHIARUGI
Type: 47-2+
47 mm
Opening width at the top:
2,5/1,9 mm
Opening width at the bottom:
4,8 mm
These special staples for oboe reeds of CHIARUGI are made of nickel silver.
Nickel silver is a copper-nickel-zinc alloy and impresses with a higher hardness as well as corrosion resistance.
By means of this alloy they are more durable than brass staples.
If you would like to have a length lacking in the shop, feel free to contact us.
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