Used Instruments

Oboe Chauvet Paris

€ 2590,00*


incl. new BAM case

serial number: AC723

Description: This used oboe is in a perfect condition because it was prossionally reparier. As as well the Wood as de mechanisch are highest quality made in France. The Sund is very nice, it has an easy and balanced Emotion of playing. The oboe is populated with the left F-flap, the first and second octave flap, the H-CIS connection and the Gillet flap. Please contact us.

Oboe d'amore Püchner

€ 3.100,00*

fully automatic system, with ring-flaps

incl. etui and S-sheet

No.: 2040

Beschreibung: This oboe d'amore is a little jewel, she was played rarely and is in a perfect mood after our overhauling.  The sound is full and very nice, the mechanism is full and pretty. This oboe d'amore shines like new.

Please contact us.