Used Instruments

Oboe Kreul

€ 2.300,00*

Professional model fully automatic system

serial number: 56425

incl. case with cover

Description: This oboe is a rarity. Due to the overhaulding it is in a perfect condition. The oboe is tested and regulated. The perfect instrument for fancier of the german sound. This instrument can be tried.

Oboe Howarth

€ 2.500,00*

Semi-professional fully automatic system

partly overhauled

Description: The English company Howarth is known for top instruments with a careful and high quality workmanship. This oboe is in very good condition, the sound is warm and full. It is worth trying.

Oboe Lorée Royal

€ 5.900,00*

fully automatic system

model: gR+3

incl. case, partly overhauled

Description: This instrument is an elderly model. The oboe was played little and is in excellent condition. The sound is typically for Lorée with its incomparable brilliance. The mechanism is perfectly regulated. The oboe was partly overhauled and is ready to be played. Please contact us.

Oboe Rigoutat RIEC

€ 3.100,00*

semiprofessional, fully automatic system

incl. case, overhauled

serial number: 1001 RA

Description: This instrument was rarely played so it is in a very good condition. It was overhauled one year ago and lately partly overhauled. This oboe has a very good sound and is easy to play. Please contact us.

Oboe Rigoutat expression

€ 3.950,00*



Description: This oboe was overhauled and is in an excellent condition. Please contact us.