Workshops - Coaching - Instruction - Reed con­struction/

Coaching for oboe and cor anglais

For students/pupils and amateur musicians project-oriented for various occasions such as

  • Exam preparation
  • D-courses
  • Concerts
  • Auditions
  • Orchestra or band performances

On this occasion the compositions to be prepared are worked out, technically and tonal improved, as well as musically and artistically arranged.

60 min. € 60,00 each

Lessons for oboe and cor anglais

Occasional or long-term teaching units to control, improve or extend breath control, sound, finger technique, embouchure and posture.

The lessons are based on different warm-up exercises, technique exercises and adapted works for each student.

60 min. € 60,00 each

Reed construction / Reed improvement

For everyone with or without previous knowledge. Prerequisite: You are in the possession of reed construction material and suitable tools. If you don’t possess them you can purchase them here: Shop

Do you want to learn how to build reeds yourself? Would you like to be able to improve the reeds you have bought? Do you want your purchased reeds to be tested and improved?

For this kind of lessons you should allow for 1.5 to 2 hours.

60 min. € 45,00 each


Location: will be announced soon
Start: approx. 10:00 am
End: approx. 05:00 pm


  • The oboe's breathing technique: where to put the air?
  • Embouchure and blowing technique, corresponding warm-up exercises
  • High and low tones, intonation and certainty
  • Literature and Etudes for Oboe in private lessons
  • The participants may/should bring their own literature, also for D-examinations
  • Practicing meaningfully and effectively with convenient practicing techniques
  • Tips for practical self-adaptation and maintenance of the reeds and the choice of correct tools
  • Maintenance of the instrument

Additional offers upon request:

  • Instrument check, general status check, fine adjustment
  • Circular breathing technique and double-tongue
  • Reed improvement on the part of the lecturer
  • Chamber music: it is possible to participate in the lessons of oboe duos or trios, also with cor anglais and/or oboe d'amore

(Prerequisite is the minimum attendance of 5, but max. 10 interested parties)

Costs: 75,00 € per person


Workshops in larger groups will be offered twice a year if possible and of course announced in time.